Adult Volunteers…

The Scout Association has more than 450 000 members making it the biggest mixed youth organisation in the UK. We are always looking for more adult volunteers to help bring scouting adventures to our young people.

You do not have to be the next Bear Grylls to help in scouting. You could pass on skills learnt at work or in your hobbies, such as you love of fishing, cycling or crafts.
Many adults just give a couple of hours a month or help on camps, some go on to become leaders but many help in an informal manner.

Each Scout Group is supported by an Executive Committee who contribute to the running of the Group by providing administrative support, strategic direction and compliance with relevant legislation and completion of the duties set out in The Scout Association’s Policy, Organisation and Rules. This committee is usually made up of parents and members of the community.

For more information please contact Sanda Whiteley – gsl@6thholmevalleyscouts.org.uk